Aug 30, 2019
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Your Love in Asia? 'Yes, Asian woman are much more .but…1/ Check her body for marks or 'scars', [Tattoo's tell you a lot too] old wounds just might have been 'self inflicted' and not 'motorcycle accident' as she claims, look for signs too of drug abuse, needle tracks etc. Watch her eyes for focusing and lucidity, try to assess if she's drunk or 'high' on something. Most girls do have leg-scars from motorcycle accidents, very common on their knees and calves, as they use motorbike Taxis a lot….

As a benchmark, you should firstly:

2/ Agree on the time she'll spend with you.
3/ Agree on how much you'll give her and for what 'service'
4/ Make sure she has an ID Card or some form of Identity on her.

The reasons for # 4 are pretty obvious for the more discerning traveler, it means she's 'legitimate' [legit] in terms of legally abiding with a valid Asia ID Card, – which Hotel Security without exception [normally] require before 'checking her in' and allowing her to accompany you to your room. If she doesn't have ID, she may well and quite rightly be 'refused entry' to your Hotel. (!) A Security Guard can lose his job if he allows a BG / TGF without ID up to a room, the consequences for him alone can be quite serious if the management find out.

If she doesn't have an ID, there could be reasons behind this, it may have been confiscated for some infraction on her part or misdemeanor, but as a rule, no ID, no deal…. It's up to you of course….

By Heinz Duthel

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